Parking is changing – fast.

Home working, online shopping, mobile-technologies, mobility as a service, all are transforming our lives – including the way we park.

How can a parking operator manage these changes? By having visibility on what is happening NOW and the ability to forecast future needs.

Bayline is a real-time parking management platform for local authorities. It enables managers to optimise the use of parking assets and provide insights into opportunities to make parking a vital part of better placemaking.

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The Bayline system gathers live occupancy and count data for all parking bays. This can be presented as a list view or as an interactive map, in which each bay can be seen along with its current status


The Bayline analyser allows reports to be generated for any date ranges the user chooses. These can be easily configured to cover specific sites, ranges of parking areas or whole boroughs.


As part of our suite, we offer real-time parking data and maps for third party systems. From website plugins, to interactive maps. We also provide feeds for real-time traffic information systems and social media teams.


We enable powerful management of all kinds of parking assets, from on-street and surface car parks to multistoreys. Gain insights into Blue Badge, Electric Vehicle and restricted parking, and gather real-time actionable data on overstays.

How it Works

We work with you to understand your requirements, existing systems and stakeholders.

We join to your existing systems to reuse the data where possible. We also provide our own hardware to supplement or replace this for a variety of use cases.

You then have full access to the data, reporting and sharing tools we provide, to help you make evidenced changes and manage your parking assets across your entire area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to replace our hardware to use Bayline?
Absolutely not. While we can provide hardware if needed, Bayline is hardware-agnostic, meaning it can work with a variety of providers without the need for costly replacement.
How does Bayline help me save money?
We have worked hard to explore the challenges of parking post-Covid. We emphasise effective overstay detection, detailed cost-benefit analysis and evidence-based change. Parking is changing significantly, and we believe robust, well-defined data is key to providing cost-effective results.
How does Bayline help our climate commitments?
Not only do we provide instant online notifications of parking availability, we work hard with data providers to ensure parking data is at the front of journey planning - to eliminate searching for spaces. We also connect with air quality data to give local authorities leading insight into the relationships between parking, air quality and traffic.
Who do you work with?
We have perfected our systems with Guildford Borough Council, who use Bayline across their parking portfolio. We are now also working with London Borough of Sutton and are keen to find more local authorities who will work with us to improve their parking analysis.

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