What's New: 6 December 2021

Ensure capacities and occupancies are being correctly allocated

We've correctly assigned capacity and occupancies and made sure they function using the near real time data we're collecting

Show schemes for residents parking & no parking alongside others in parking list

We added categories on the main carpark page, to show all the different types of bays, such as Disabled bays, Resident bays, no parking bays, etc


Add ability to click individual sensor to show more details within the map view


We've now added functionality that allows the user to click an individual bay on the map view, and be taken to that bay's information page (Occupancy, sessions, Overview)

Add symbols to distinguish no parking, disabled, residents only to map views (overall and by zone)


We've now added symbols on the map view, to represent which bay is of which type. For example, bays with the wheelchair icon are disabled bays, whilst bays with the house icon are residential bays

We also added no parking bays, which can be seen with the "no entry" icon in the map

Added Analyzer View

We also added an analyzer view, that allows the user to compare and contrast the performance of different car parks against one another, as well as allowing functionality for viewing occupancy percentage for individual parks, both of which are deployed using graph visualisation


Changes, Fixes and Improvements

  • Switched backend "Types" to "scheme" to mesh with other entries
  • Repointed API endpoint to app.bayline.tech
  • Migrated domain to App.bayline.tech