What's New: 13 December 2021

Major Update: Sessions

This week, our major focus was to incorporate sessions into the Bayline Parking Manager.

Sessions are the period in which a bay is occupied, and encompasses the start time, end time, and length of occupation. Our aim has been to show this data in a meaningful way, both car park wide, and per bay. Below you will find that many of our changes and fixes this week pertain to the sessions integration, and allow for the User to view and customise the session data of their respective car park.

Update bay pages with labels throughout

We updated the pages showing a list of bays for any given car park so that they bays were appropriately named, as opposed to being listed by their UUID/GUID (See ID Column below)


Added sort function to Sessions pages

We added the ability to sort by descending and ascending order in our various lists of data, as seen below (Here you can see the sessions being ordered by their start date)


Added a UI to show sessions per bay

We've also added a User Interface to allow the user to view all of the sessions of any given bay within a car park


Changed our occupancy graphs to show 5 minute intervals between data points

We think 5 minutes between data points is a good compromise between real time data and more comprehend-able, readable graphs. So far the data that's used these intervals has reflected this idea, as seen below

Changes, Fixes and Improvements

  • Car park sessions tabs updated to be consistent with other car park session pages
  • Add per-bay API to show location, type and real time occupancy
  • We added backend database tables for sessions (Such as ID, Start, End, Bay)