What's New: 17 December 2021

Sessions Continued

Our work on session data has been the continued focus of this week's work, alongside other minor changes and fixes.

Enabled The Delete User Function For Administrators

We've added a delete user function that enables any account with admin privileges to remove a user from the database


Removed per-second fidelity from sessions durations

When viewing a parking session, the user now cannot see the specific second of session length when the session is below 1 minute in length. The primary function of this change is regarding the fact all our current clients do not require information of that resolution. In all use cases we have encountered thus far, It was better for the user to be able to quickly see which bays had less than 1 minute occupation, as opposed to displaying more accurate per second information.


Sessions now able to be sorted by duration

Added a filter than enables user to sort Session length by time, either ascending or descending, as can be seen in the image above.

Changes, Fixes and Improvements

  • Removed Session ID from Sessions list
  • Rescaled Analyser view to reflect correct y axis resolution
  • Re-added the Bayline branding into the header